Being A Curvy Woman

 I love being curvy and I know it takes some work to get there. Society has so much to say about people features that isn't always true. Let's quickly chat about the top 3 things that's so common to hear about being a curvy woman that is not true at all.


 Define a curvy woman?

PSA: Don't confuse curvy with being fat, unhealthy, out of shape, or any other derogatory statement the general public have told you. None of that is true. According to webster dictionary, curvy is define as, "Having curves, having an attractively curved feminine figure." As a woman that has lived, embraced, and shopped with these curves, the fashion world considers curvy based on your waist to hip ratio. If the difference is 10+, you my friend is considered a curvy woman. So yes, you can be seen as skinny and curvy too :). 

rust orange brown satin pants set and matching top

Is being curvy bad? 

Absolutely not!  Nothing at all is wrong with being curvy and I don't know why society tries to deem it as this burden to carry. My hypothesis is it is a way to make consumers buy into fad diets, knowing that some people cannot help being the way they are shaped. It's true, you can work out and diet but let's be honest, how many of us done it and what was the change we saw?

Does being curvy mean being healthy or unhealthy?

 Like a doctor told me recently, your body is prone to store fat in specific areas because of your genetics, therefore healthy and curvy has nothing to do with one another. The current BMI for the average American woman is completely outdated, and the average size is no longer a size 6, it's a 12. What she did inform me though is if my blood sugars are showing up high, then I do need to cut down on my sugar intake. Or if I'm not getting enough fiber, I need to add beans, fiber cereal, and other means to my diet. See the pattern? Everything the doctor mentioned had everything to do with getting the right amount of nutrients I need. Not that my curves are healthy or unhealthy.  


 In conclusion, now that some of these myths about curvy women have been debunked, I hope you embrace your shape, love it, dress it up and wear it well!


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