How To Style Biker Shorts

How To Style Biker Shorts

They're cute, they're comfortable, they're casual so how do you make this everyday outfit fashionable? Here are 3 ideas to make your biker short outfits match your style.  

  1. Blazer

  A blazer and short set is definitely in style these days so why not make it your own. This gives the biker short set a sophisticated look and automatic permission to wear a small heel. So if you're a dress up girl,  you will absolutely love this look. 

  1. Graphic Tee

  Biker shorts and oversize tee have been a thing but a graphic tee lets you speak your style. This look pairs really well with low top sneakers and high socks, taking casual up a notch. 

  1. Baseball Cap

   I had to leave it with something for the sporty girls. If tying an oversize shirt into a front knot and wearing a baseball cap is not a hot go to look, I don't know what is. A belt bag and sneakers and you are ready to take on the city.

Not only are biker short sets a trendy everyday piece,  I love the simplicity of making this matching set your own. I know you have these three items in your closet right now so next time you want a new look, grab a mix and match biker  set with one of these items and let me know in the comments below how you enjoyed showcasing your style! Talk to you soon.

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