Outfit Styling

Outfit Styling

Beauti after two years of lock down, we are back outside and I am ecstatic! Yes to going back to work, seeing friends and family on the holidays again and the iconic Sunday brunch. With so many activities  happening, the dreadful thoughts of what to wear creep in like a thief in a night repeatedly.

Rather you’ve been living in your loungewear or online shopping more and more, fashion is the type of thing that constantly changes. But now with things to do and people to see, arise the opportunity to elevate your fashion in the way you want or need to. With our favorite dress up season here, fall fashion is usually the easiest time to transition your look. The key is learning how to style clothes you already have or what few staple pieces you should  add to your new wardrobe is key. Let’s take a look at a couple of fashion tips that can save you money and have good clothing style. 

  • Keep A Dinner Dress

  • We hear dinner dress and instantly think of a typical gown dress. Erase the thought beauti, that’s not what we’re talking about here! I’m talking about the dress you can wear to a birthday party, dinner, or hanging out with friends. Keeping a dinner dress prevents you from buying a new outfit every time you’re invited somewhere special. Go for dinner dresses that are simple and classic. Accessorize your dress in different ways to make your look pop. For example, a sexy look for a dinner dress when you’re trying to impress your date is a mini dress with dainty jewelry. The mini blue velvet dress is a great example for this kind of look. Or think of ankle booties with midi sweater dresses. Change up the accessories to keep the looks coming. 


  • Buy Clothes That Compliments Your Figure

  • It’s not uncommon to hold onto things that don't fit you. It’s very common to buy good outfits that are too small or too big because your exact size was no longer in stock and this trendy outfit was on sale so it is a must have for your fashion wardrobe. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Shop for your figure more than trends. Before you exit this screen, hear me out. Buying clothes that fit you is not based on size, it's based on the shape you would like to have. If you’re insecure about your stomach size, purchase more high waist bottoms. Not only will it contour your midsection to make it look smaller, high waisted looks are supreme in chic clothing style. Stop asking yourself, “What clothes should I buy”?, and purchase more looks that accentuate your figure. Your self esteem will thank you because now you feel confident in your outfits :)

    curvy woman in the house with teal blue crescent moon tank crop top and crescent moon shorts
  • It’s Ok To Stick With Basics

  • A great way to keep your wardrobe in a sensible style is to stock up on basics. I’m not sure if you noticed or not but your favorite singer or creator you watch on youtube are on Instagram  wearing joggers with crop tops or basic bodysuits with leather pants. This is a fashion style that is so common, it goes unnoticed. Save the coins, and stock up on joggers and biker shorts. If you can buy them in sets, even better. These pieces are transitional with seasons and easy to style. All you need are fitted or oversize shirts and a denim jacket or blazer. Switch them out with your joggers or biker shorts and you have a new outfit for everyday of the week.

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