How To Dress A Curvy Body

How To Dress A Curvy Body

Have you ever wondered what looks good on a curvy figure? Coming from a curvy woman herself, I have so I got you! LOL! Here are the top 3 items to add to your wardrobe or styling immediately to accentuate your curves beautifully. 

Style Tip 1: Add a waist belt to your look to make your stomach look snatched

   Yes, you heard that right. As a curvy woman, we don't want anything on our stomach that can draw attention to it but trust, a waist belt does wonders. This is an easy way to make your stomach look smaller because it naturally separates your frame, where your bottom half looks bigger than the top. A clinched waist with your hips highlighted easily gives an hourglass shape.

Style Tip 2: Wear high waisted bottoms

  If you haven't tried high waisted bottoms, I highly recommend you do so :) High waisted gives an illusion of a smaller frame instantly. With the majority of your stomach area covered, it's easier to draw attention to other areas you prefer to showcase. High waisted matching sets have become very popular this season and have taken over the scene. Just make sure they're still stretchy so it won't create indents, nobody has time for that!

Style Tip 3: Wear flowy looks 

  Ok, so here is why maxi dresses are popular lol. Maxi dresses are known for accentuating your waist and leaving plenty of room for your hips. Plus they're stylish without any effort from you. The favorite throw on and go look.


Being curvy does not mean you can't be fashionable. You just have to know how to dress up your body shape and put things together that will look good on you. It does come with practice though. Use one of these stylish tips on your next day out and comment below how you like your look. Can't wait to read them!

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