Fashion and Body Image: A Look at the Industry's Influence on Beauty Standards

Fashion and Body Image: A Look at the Industry's Influence on Beauty Standards

Fashion has a major influence on the way women perceive their body and sense of self worth. The fashion industry has been criticized for a very long time for promoting unrealistic beauty standards that have led to body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, and even mental health issues. But let's be honest, do we notice more curvy women that look like you and me being advertised or glorified as "body goals"? 

The fashion industry has long promoted a narrow definition of beauty that centers on a thin and tall body type. Recently, culture has added to this by emphasizing a particular body shape featuring a small waist, big butt, and large breasts. Unfortunately, this has created a toxic comparison trap for regular working women, bombarding them with images of unattainable body types and decreasing their self-esteem.

Embracing Our Bodies

But we don't have to buy into this narrative. Instead, we can use the exclusivity of the fashion world as an opportunity to showcase our own unique beauty. As curvy women, we can take the internet by storm and show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It all starts with finding quality clothing that complements your figure, rather than following fleeting trends. By embracing ourselves and celebrating different body shapes in fashion, we can change the conversation around what constitutes beauty. This, in turn, will promote a more positive body image culture for future generations.


Fashion should be a fun way to express our personal style, not a source of frustration or negative self-talk. Let's embrace our curves and show the world our fabulous fashion sense, while also promoting body positivity and celebrating our differences.


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