B.A.D. Fall Collection| Outfits for Fall

B.A.D. Fall Collection| Outfits for Fall

Hey beauties! I know the seasons are changing and the holidays are coming up so I wanted to make sure Belle Allure Designs have a selection of clothing that’s specific to some of the events  you may attend. I mean, we’re all about getting dressed effortlessly. So let’s talk about the items and why they were selected.

The Midnight Drip Allure Dress is a sexy birthday dress. I know some curvy women like to be covered but still sexy, and this dress does both. This dress is so unique that the 2 different designs makes this piece so versatile. It can also be a sexy dress to wear to a wedding or wedding reception. 

The Silky Pink Allure Dress has sexy dinner date written all over it. Every woman knows they want a  luxe dress that makes them feel sexy and this dress is it Beauti! I intentionally selected this dress and priced it at a specific price point because I want every woman to have a luxury dress that’s  affordable. 

The Allurelux Jumpsuit is the boutiques best seller. Since beauties love this comfortable jumpsuit that they can dress up or down and basically wear to any place and any event, I wanted there to be fall color options that’s trendy and in season.


Last but not least, every body don’t like to dress up and go out. For some beauties, they prefer to stay home and chill. What about them? The Just Chill Allure Set is specifically for that, chilling. It’s cozy, it’s comfortable and it’s still cute. You will absolutely love this set. 

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